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The LX100 bed is an entirely new design, engineered to withstand continuous and heavy use with thicker steel in the tubes and cross sections. The sawmill feet are bolted directly to the cross sections, so that the log is supported directly from the feet, not the frame. The cross sections are higher than the side tubes, so that it is easy to load logs onto the bed with a forklift, without having to drop or roll the logs onto the sawmill. Stainless steel caps for each cross section are optional.

X frame

Sawhead xFRAME – The rigid, solid frame holds the control panel, the motor, and the sawmill head. The SAWHEAD xFRAME travels on side by side tandem steel bars of the bed frame.

LX100 Equipment

Electric motor

Electric Motor
Standard 7.5 kW
Optional 11 kW

Power Up/Down

Power Feed
The optional power feed system is driven on a heavy-duty chain, faster and more durable than other methods.

side support

Log Side Supports
The side supports on the LX100 are simple and stronger than ever.

Log Clamp

Log Clamp
The Log clamp comes with a new attachment for precisely clamping cants and the last board. The clamp is always held up out of the dirt, out of the way when not being used.

lubrication tank

Automatic Blade Lubrication
Activates when the blade is engaged, and turns off when the blades stops.

Electric blade guide

Electric Blade Guide Arm
When cutting different sized logs, the operator can easily adjust the position of the powered blade guide arm with a switch on the control panel.


With the optional debarker to remove dirt and bark from the blade path, your blade sharp life is lengthened.


SW Setworks
With the optional Setworks, just set a board size and with one button, the sawmill repositions automatically for each cut.

Electrical Up/Down

Electrical Up/Down
Standard electrical up/down increases operator productivity.

Control Panel

Operator Control Panel
The sawmill controls are centrally located on the Operator Control Panel. From this position, the operator always has an excellent view of the cutting process. A wide, easy-grip handle functions as a push bar for the sawmill if purchased without power feed.


 Standard  7.5 kW electric motor 
 Options  11 kW electric motor
Cutting Capacity
 Length  5.40 m (M2 2 segments 2.75 m each)
 5.58 m (S3 3 segments 1.85 m each)
 8.10 m (M3 3 segments 2.75 m each)
 Diameter  70 cm
 Max. width of cut  64 cm
Sawmill Head Features & Options
 Standard  Power up/down
 Electric Blade Guide (CE version)
 Blade Tension system
 Blade lubrication tank
 Roller blade guides
 Optional  Power Feed (AC only)
 Electric Blade Guide (non CE version)
 SW10 Setworks
 Debarker (AC only)
Sawmill Bed Features & Options
Sections Length  S - 1.85 m
 M - 2.75 m
Standard     Three Bed Sections - S3 bed
 Three Log Side Supports - S3 bed
 Two Manual Log Clamps - S3 bed
 Log Wedge
Optional  Cant Hook
 Additional Bed Sections
(1.85 m or 2.75 m)
 Length  4010 mm
 Width  32-35 mm
 Blade Wheel diameter  483 mm
Sawmill Requirements
 Normal power usage  7.5 kW - 16 Amp
 11 kW - 25 Amp
 Dust collection port size  101.6 mm diameter


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